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Watch Bride Wars (2009) online free

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Bride Wars (2009)

Plot :

New York. Liv and Emma are the two best friends, two real accomplices to listen to each other, no matter what. Traditionally, they share the same desire for a wonderful wedding at the Plaza Hotel all they imagined the smallest détails.Aujourd 'Today, 26 years and they are about to make this dream a few weeks apart : they could not expect better. But it is the drama when, following an administrative error, the two find themselves ceremonies scheduled the same day. One of the two friends will have to give up the ideal marriage … Liv, renowned lawyer who used to get what she wants, including the work place and the perfect man, will stop at nothing to get marriage as it refines for years. Emma, ​​a teacher rather than erased, has always cared for others more than itself, but this time she will discover unsuspected capacity for fighting … The former two best friends will become rabid fury. For a successful marriage, each must now explode than the other. This is the beginning of a war without thank you, where all shots are allowed …

Information :

Category: Comedy,Romance
Release Year: 2009
Runtime: 89 mins.
Director:Gary Winick
Cast: Kate Hudson,Anne Hathaway,Candice Bergen

Watch Bride Wars (2009) online free videos :

Video Parts Video Source
Version 1 Full Movie CineJam
Version 2 Full Movie VidCube
Version 3 Part 1, Part 2 VidCannon
Version 4 Full Movie TheMovieNation
Version 5 Full Movie Windyvidz
Version 6 Part 1, Part 2 flixbuster
Version 7 Full Movie showsplash
Version 8 Full Movie ShowmeFlix

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